Monday, February 25, 2013

The light is finished!

To attach the balloon to the light stand I used the plastic from the original light, cut down to a small circle. I need this thing to be sturdy so with epoxy I glued rare earth magnets to the inside of the base and a hot glue from that to the stand. It took a lot of trial and error to get that one figured out.  I drilled 4 holes and wired the balloon ropes (chains with embroidery floss) to the base and then added more hot glue.

Now onto the basket. That was hard since it was around the pole of the light, anything I had that was basket shaped would have to be cut to fit around and then re-attached. I tried pill bottles and wire candle holders but I couldn't find anything just right. So I used scrap leather.

For some reason I decided the basket needed to be easy to remove so I didn't use glue to connect then ends together, I used snaps. I need pictures of that but it worked out really well. 


And all finished! The led bulb still made it a bit warm inside so I stabbed some holes into the fabric to vent it. The balloon is stuck sturdy enough to the base for when my dumb cat takes a swipe at it, and is easily removable to change the bulb which is supposed to last longer than I'll be alive.

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