Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Progress

I want an led glowy star chart. I started with an 18 inch diameter piece of plywood and painted it blue for the Milky Way

 I love watercolors but I seriously hate painting with them, I'm better at acrylics since I can layer it easier. This was a lot of blues and purples, some metallics, a lot of sprayed on water and salt. It took most of the day to dry.

Now completely dry I sketched out the map and drilled holes into the wood.

I have a string led light from Ikea since fiber optics were out of my depth, though I'll be playing with them in the future, but testing Cygnus looks good:

Placing the leds, notice the constellation connect the dots. I didn't glue anything down yet, I have more to add.

All lit up.

I bought a fiber optic light and will now drill even smaller holes into the wood so there is some variation of the light.

More coming soon.