Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pub Signs

I came across some pub signs you could personalize with your name in a catalog. How hard could it be to do the same thing myself? This is the last batch, I think I've made 15 by now. These girls were all off to college so I thought they'd like something to remember the dance school by. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Work

I am really behind on birthday stuff for family. I've decided that if you live nearby and I go to the birthday party you will be getting your present on time. Everyone else plan for delays. This is the beginning of one coming up. I can't show much more just in case this person reads my inane ramblings but I was productive!

About 2 years ago I made this kitchen cart. I'd seen some cool and overpriced carts online and decided I wanted to make it myself. The kitchen is small, no dining room and I don't have enough space to work. I needed something table-height but then high enough to use for extra counter space.  It's a work in progress though, I want to eventually paint the whole thing and there are wire shelves I want to be wooden. I keep a lot of tools in it and they poke through the wire too much. The fold out table is from Ikea and both surfaces are covered with squares of linoleum. As you can see with my pasta maker and mixer I'm about to make pasta. I added casters to the bottom so I can move it around to clean and for convenience when in use.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Titania's Capelet

I got into an old hard drive and found some (a lot) pictures of old projects I'd forgotten about. Really, a pants-load. I will be occasionally posting them here with whatever I can remember about the experience.

Titania's Capelet

Titania's Capelet
March 2010: I'd been ok at making little animals and beasties even having a bag of them to give out to nieces, nephews and random repair guys who visited my home. The new goal was to make something for myself to wear. I found this pattern on Interweave's website and thought it was a good start.