Friday, October 22, 2010

Books About You

I just got back from a Fall Break vacation and have some time to catch this blog up. Seriously, grad school is sucking my soul away.

I have a few young nieces, nephews and shorties belonging to friends all having birthdays recently. I wrote out some short rhyming stories (not an actual narrative) on cardstock and then colored pictures with crayons.

Cian really likes Spiderman so I made him something different:

Not the whole books but the kids liked them. Cian wanted Spiderman read to him 5 or 6 times in a row when he opened it.

What is it With Zombies These Days?

I saw some of these boxes around crafty sites and though they were awesome. My friend Louis kept talking about seeing Resident Evil 3D so I figured he needed one. This is sort of small but plexiglass is expensive. I used a nerf gun I spray painted black and made a stencil out of cardstock and contact paper. I've made 3 of these boxes so far and my woodworking has been improving over the course of them.

I did open it up and tuck the pamphlet back behind the gun and the white words needed to be scrubbed with steel wool and water to clean up a bit but over all I liked the project.

Warning Pamphlet


I've been seeing a lot of attempts at Hobbes on and thought this would be a good time to try it myself. I couldn't find a pattern so I printed out a picture of one of the newer crocheted attempts and just kinda tried to match it. This is attempt #5 or #6 I can't remember. The last one I absolutely hated and gave to some kids that liked it and I saw it again recently and it's really not all that bad. This one I left with my cute niece and nephew in Houston so I'll need to make one more for myself and at least one more for them so they don't kill each other over it.