Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Latest

I've been working on Christmas stuff lately and can't post any pictures until after they've been opened but here's some stuff in progress that I won't be wrapping up.

I'm giving the coffee table a break. This is an old tv tray table I painted and then carved.

And then carved some more, and painted the design a light blue.

Then I filled it in with resin, which I mixed with photo-luminescent powder so it glows in the dark aqua.

I bought some picture frames at the $1 store and spray painted them red, after stenciling the glass.

I wanted to make something for the new coworkers, I bought some books at a thrift store and cut off the front and back covers.

I used copy paper for the text block, I didn't have the art paper with the grain going the right direction, also I don't know how into blank journals they are so the sections are 10 pages each with 5 per book. 

I did a Ethiopian Double Needle Coptic binding.

I hope they like them. I get over anxious about that but I do know that at least one needs to write stuff down more so hopefully this helps. 

The big Christmas party raffle is this week and other departments are donating some amazing things. I'll post pictures when my stuff is all finished. Super nervous yet again and I don't even have a 2 headed cow to start off with!