Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shakespeare Bracelet

I'm taking an Artist Book class and this assignment was to construct something that does not look like a traditional book. I have an old copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare and I made paper beads out of the pages.

The chain is from a coworker who used to bellydance and brought in some costume jewlery for me to paw through. I also ordered some charms online: a fairy, mermaid, chess piece (king), goblet, skull, heart, quill, castle, fleur de lis, and skeleton key. Joanns was having a sale on jewlery supplies so I bought some green glass beads with leaves and flowers on them. The clasp is magnetic and 2 halves of a leaf.

The paper beads were glued and rolled and then varnished. I tied them on with bookbinder's waxed linen thread and then trimmed and frayed the ends (like we are supposed to do in bookmaking).

I turn it in tonight.

Friday, March 9, 2012

He's Resting

When I put this one up and walked away, like the guys at the end of Ocean's 11, I heard the people in the lobby '...just put it up now....yeah while we were here....' busted.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ok so it wasn't that hard after all....

I've cracked the code that is fiber optics. I bought a lamp and took it apart, it turns out there wasn't much to it at all. Next week is spring break and I won't have my art class and will be at the Make meetup which I think is show and tell night so I'll bring my star chart.

More Fliers!

The List: 
Crocodile Dundee Knife
Ghostbuster Proton Pack and Trap
Blue Light Saber
Karate Kid Headbandthingy
Indiana Jones Bullwhip
Bill and Ted's Excellent Phone Booth
Legend of Zelda Sword
Labyrinth Door Knockers
Macgyver Duct Tape and Swiss Army Knife
Mario Power Up Mushroom
Monster Squad Amulet
Goonies Copper Bones Key
Princess Bride 6 Fingered Sword
Han Solo's Blaster
Star Trek Phaser
Buffy Vampire Stake
Tron Disk
Willow's Wand
Neverending Story Auryn/Orin
Back to the Future Flux Capacitor

Friday, March 2, 2012

Today's Flier

Guerilla Flyering

I have a lot in progress but lately have been annoying my work. Every day I come into the lobby and see fliers on a few of the walls and I thought it would be funny to add something weird. It took about an hour from that idea to actually doing it but here we go.