Friday, March 21, 2014

Fit Cargo Cover

I was going to have a suitcase in my car in a mall parking lot that would probably get a lot of traffic whilst I attended a wedding. I'd already had my car broken into for my awesome Star Wars bag and didn't need the heartache again.

I came across a pretty easy tutorial involving cardboard and wood. Except that this guy has tools that I don't. But I liked his description of finding the shape:

I didn't start with a big piece of cardboard but that would have been smart. I used produce boxes from Costco that the cat liked to sit in and then abandoned. Using a box knife and a lot of tape I managed to get the basic shape:

I cut this out of mdf using a jig saw. Then fit and trimmed a dozen times to get it right.  In other versions of this the center had a tendency to bow so I gave it some support.

Then I glued on a $15 carpet from Walmart:

And spray painted the back, this was due to the wood showing in the gaps with the hatch down. It was good for the parking lot and didn't get any attention that I know of, but I wanted it to look purty.

And in the car. There's still some wood showing so I will go back and paint more.

I saved $200 doing it this way.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I got the bluray boxset of Alien/s and watched it all. Even the bad ones. I have a new nephew and he needed something crafty and soft. This led me to try other beasties from the movie and more are coming.

This is Oliver looking unimpressed.
Oliver and the Facehugger

This is Oliver looking pissed.
Oliver and the Facehugger

I did a short tail because I didn't want Oliver to choke and die from something Aunt Beth made...

Playing around with more from the movies.