Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Real Obsession

People I know think that I'm obsessed with Star Wars and that's not true. The movies are more accessible so I do more from them because I know more people will be into it. The real obsession is with Hellboy but more than that it's with the art of Guillermo del Toro. I love most of what he does and Hellboy is the favorite.

Last year I wanted to make the Right Hand of Doom for the work Christmas raffle but ran out of time and kept getting sidetracked with projects for nieces and nephews.

I'm still behind on a lot but I also started watching Jim Henson's Creature Shop and got a lot of ideas starting with a better way to make the hand. I knew that starting over I could probably articulate it, one of my bottlenecks last time was how the fingers were going to lay and this is a much better option. Plus when I bring it to work all of my coworkers can take turns flipping each other off with Hellboy's hand. Sigh.

I carved the spirals into the foam with a soldering iron.

This is black and red enamel spray paint, a much faster way to do it.

Crimson acrylics with a paintbrush. Applied liberally.

Hit it a few more times with the spray paint. I had to take this piece out because it was too big with the hand to look right.
The rest is in progress....

Thursday, May 15, 2014


I posted this to another nerd blog I do but it fits in here:

The Swamp House: more pics of the process and final project by John Henry
I am in love with automatons. I want to know how they work so I can make my own weird creations. I have books and kits and papercraft kits so it's going to happen. Soon....
Watching this one is kind of hypnotic so I started to wonder how much this alligator was making based on the apparent speed of the gif. It makes ~$.125/second or ~$450 an hour. Normally you are supposed to take an average of multiple measurements but I don't think the gif will speed up at all.
@10 seconds I counted 5 quarters or $1.25/10seconds = ~$.125/second
$.125/1 sec * 60 sec/ 1 min * 60 min/1 hour =~$450/hour.
Not bad.