Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mini Maker Faire!

I volunteered. I wanted to do some hands on stuff but I ran out of time so instead I stood by the soldering irons and made people sign liability waivers. I met a mom with 2 boys named Calvin and Hobbes and yes I asked her about that... another mom had some kids wearing Chewbacca backpacks and I told her I have the Yoda one and then I said I was late getting to the faire because I had been watching Star Wars Despecialized (the original with no extra crap) and she said she'd find it online. Another couple and I talked about our favorite episodes of Community, I can't remember how it started but we ended up cracking each other up trying to decide the funniest one. The flash back was a strong contender. 

This is a solar powered music player.

Art Cars: Teeth and a Yellow Submarine

I have no idea.

Teeth. My suggestion was that next time every 50th person who gets to close has the teeth bite down killing them. The element of danger always entertains.

The fiber optic jellyfish. It lights up at night and I'm looking for a good picture of it.

The kid cardboard arcade.

More arcade.

The BYU Mars Rover picking up a ball.

A cat yurt, large scale because why not make it bigger?

I'm not entirely sure what this guy was doing but I fully support the making of cardboard monsters.

The robot skeleton which talks to you and follows you when you walk by.

 UofU engineering showing off some 3d printing. 

A teeny Dalek 3d printed by Make SLC. They got way too excited when I correctly identified it.

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