Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekend Work

I have discovered when finishing a text block (making the edges pretty) that if you are painting a design on and mess up you can actually sand off the mistake and start again. Very helpful!

This is my progress on the Grimm book. The leather is now a blank canvas waiting for whatever I want to do with it. The book and tools are sitting on top of a partway built kitchen cart. It's actually finished minus painting and I still need to get a butcher block for the top. Ikea has a cheap wooden countertop that would work but I'm going to look around locally first. As I was getting the wood out of my car a neighbor asked if I was making furniture again. Heh. I'd forgotten telling her that who knows how long ago.

This is a longstitch journal I made as a gift for a friend. I get picky about gifts and I ended up rebinding this one (only once) but it looks much better know. My friend liked it so I'm happy.

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