Friday, September 14, 2012

So many good ideas

So I've been watching the show Grimm which I really like and there's a lot of really old cool books that I get little glimses of occasionally. I wandered over to the Replica Prop Forums and created an account once I found some book discussion on the show and others.

NBC has a free ebook through itunes or the Barnes and Noble Nook and I was able to get screenshots of the book. The official show website also has some interesting goodies which I gleefully saved. The collecting of source material is going to crush my hard drives.

The pages seem to be fairly large. My printer is not so good though but I will test out a few things and see if I can make it happen. As always, I am now at the point where I really want to (learn how to) make some book props.

As the series progresses I expect to see pages added to either the ebook and/or the website so I might have to hold off on the binding or figure out a way to add to the pages already bound. This first one is just for me so I'd be ok with that. 

The Grail Diary: oh my holy crap I want to make this. I've been obsessively collecting images and have ordered the book from Amazon that a lot of the material came from.

And then there's River Song's journal from Doctor Who. Oh boy. So much good info available! I already know who I need to make this for, if I can do it in a timely manner (well besides myself).

I hope to be posting some super awesome finished props soon!

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