Thursday, August 29, 2013

Better Merit Badges

Merit Badges

My nieces' butt. I visited for Christmas and the 4 year old made me look at her butt as often as possible. This is what I wrote to someone about the visit:

 I have never seen so much naked butt in my entire life! Never! (the niece) changing clothes, coming out of the potty, getting in and out of the bath, 'don't look Aunt Beth (moves closer to me), ok you can look but don't look at my pee pee (full frontal) don't look at my pee pee again (squats and spreads the cheeks)...'. It was many times a day so I'd play the 'Don't see Chloe's pee pee today' game and would lose every day.

A Team, Doctor Who, Hiking, Mixed Tape, Dead Parrot, YOU MOVED THE GRAVES BUT YOU DIDN"T MOVE THE BODIES!

Merit Badges

Pleiades, Big Trouble in Little China, Moon, Macgyver, My Superawesome Telescope

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