Thursday, January 31, 2013


I spent Christmas with my brother and his family containing a 4 year old butt shower little girl and a 6 year old lego manic boy.  Both of them wanted to color and draw with me nonstop and it was a lot of fun. When drawing I'd get asked how to draw something the entire time. So I ordered some 'How to Draw' books from Amazon and awaited their surprise.

How to Draw Monsters
Learn to Draw Disney Phineas and Ferb
Learn to Draw Your Favorite Disney/Pixar Characters

They both drew me some monsters and they are adorable!

I've seen some amazing redo's of kid art and thought they would look cool on a tshirt I could send them. I ironed some freezer paper the size of the images, about 5x5ish, onto the inside of the front part of the shirts. Then I sharpied them onto the shirts and painted. I mixed textile medium with the paint, I want these washable, and colored them in. I honestly think the originals are better because you can't, as an adult, draw these monsters in the same way. 


I'm not used to buying shirts for little kids so I got the sizes and then was confronted with s/m/l. I hope they fit! I also added a copy of the original drawings in case they forgot drawing these.


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