Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shakespeare Bracelet

I'm taking an Artist Book class and this assignment was to construct something that does not look like a traditional book. I have an old copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare and I made paper beads out of the pages.

The chain is from a coworker who used to bellydance and brought in some costume jewlery for me to paw through. I also ordered some charms online: a fairy, mermaid, chess piece (king), goblet, skull, heart, quill, castle, fleur de lis, and skeleton key. Joanns was having a sale on jewlery supplies so I bought some green glass beads with leaves and flowers on them. The clasp is magnetic and 2 halves of a leaf.

The paper beads were glued and rolled and then varnished. I tied them on with bookbinder's waxed linen thread and then trimmed and frayed the ends (like we are supposed to do in bookmaking).

I turn it in tonight.

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