Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Fliers!

The List: 
Crocodile Dundee Knife
Ghostbuster Proton Pack and Trap
Blue Light Saber
Karate Kid Headbandthingy
Indiana Jones Bullwhip
Bill and Ted's Excellent Phone Booth
Legend of Zelda Sword
Labyrinth Door Knockers
Macgyver Duct Tape and Swiss Army Knife
Mario Power Up Mushroom
Monster Squad Amulet
Goonies Copper Bones Key
Princess Bride 6 Fingered Sword
Han Solo's Blaster
Star Trek Phaser
Buffy Vampire Stake
Tron Disk
Willow's Wand
Neverending Story Auryn/Orin
Back to the Future Flux Capacitor

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