Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Science Experiement

My little sister is at the MTC in Provo, Ut and I mailed her a green banana from Salt Lake City. It was 2 day shipping so she should get it by Saturday at the latest. I included a letter explaining the expected outcomes and a request for her to take a picture and send me observations. There was no mention in any letter or postcard so it should be a surprise when she gets it.

I came up with the idea Sunday after seeing nothing but green bananas at the grocery store. My friend called to warn me about some fat guy flashing hikers in Millcreek and after discussing what I plan to do if I see him I casually mentioned sending Kathy a banana just to see if she gets it in time. For the record I will laugh, point and throw pennies and the cops can go all CSI and check emergency rooms for someone with an embarassing bruise.

10/5/11 ~3pm: After packing the banana in a lot of bubble wrap in a small box I delivered it to the nearby Post Office.

10/6/11 No data to report. Updates to follow.

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