Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tardis Diary

 I've tried this one before and the image was just too small and straight to get right. I put it aside and waited until I found a way to make it right. I bought a scalpel online and the rest worked.
I believe this cardboard is from a fruit snack box.

I cut out a few layers, going into the cover a bit.

Then I brushed it with pva glue, I don't want to deal with loose pieces of the cardboard whilst embossing the images so a solid piece was needed.

I got the fabric at a thrift store for cheap. I think it's linen -but the color was perfect. This is T minus 5 minutes into embossing with a bone folder.
This takes a long time. Find an hour long tv show and get comfy.
Almost finished.


The final product. There are 5 sections with 60-lb paper.

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