Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recent Projects

I'm waiting on birthdays to post pictures but I am simultaneously behind and swamped yet making progress. People need to quit having babies! I like to work on a few projects at the same time, waiting for paint to dry is the best time to fit more in.

Then I sometimes scrounge some extra to work on stuff for myself. This is cannibalized closet organizers and pine with ikea recycle containers on the top. Never again will I use laminated particle board. It is the absolute worst to get wood screws into without breaking apart.

I have lots of making and crafting stuff and I'd been seeing some awesome apothecary cabinets on pinterest. I made the middle bottom space the perfect size for my book press. It needed a home.

The first 4 drawers are done, they need hardware and another 7 smaller ones made but I'm making progress. Part of my challenge is to not buy any more wood, to find a way to use scraps of what I already have. It's a way to cut costs but also give me a chance to really think about problem solving.
In other areas, I did a presentation at an IT conference last week where I walked up the stairs of the hotel to the 2nd floor and had a gigantic group of guys all turn to look at me like I was a unicorn or something.  My talk went over well, I have some good ideas for a focus of a phd program even though I have yet to decide if and when. I uploaded it to Slideshare if anyone is interested.
I am interested in critical thinking and technology but that's too vague and I need to focus it a bit better. This is more along the lines of what's up with the targets and why do some people seem to fall for it, etc. The research was really interesting and I read a lot of papers and books.

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