Friday, July 13, 2012

Lack light table

I saw this on a few crafty hack sites and definitely need one. I bought a Lack table from IKEA for $9, some lighting, high gloss white enamel paint and a piece of Plexiglas.

Cover one side of the glass with white tissue paper. While it dries cut open a square of the table top which is fairly easy since its particle board and a honey comb of cardboard below. Clean the inside out and paint as many layers as needed to cover everything. I had to add some wood inside for the Plexiglas to sit on, I tried gluing a domino inside the center but that didn't work.

At first I screwed down the corners of the glass but the tension made it concave and I need easy access to change the lights.

Right now the goal is to reproduce a folio from the book of the kells,  a really old copy of the bible, so I started with a Celtic cross. It works great so far.

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