Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fairy Godmothers

I had 2 birthdays come up, my niece and her cousin and I just finished and delivered these yesterday. The niece loved it and her cousin hasn't gotten hers yet.

The pages are chipboard which I covered with scrapbook paper and then a rectangular sized piece of cotton muslin. After it all dried I got some stencils and purple spray acrylic and stenciled small parts of each page.

When that was dry I punched 3 holes in each page with a template to keep them all the same.

I added some vintage pictures and then did the stencil spray with a different stencil and green paint this time.

I printed out the names and titles and sprayed all pages with alcohol based pink, purple and green.

I bound both books (so they would be easier to manage) and doodled over every page a few times. This part took the longest and I could still be doing it now.

Next up, rub ons. I had a bird, some flowers and butterflies and added them.

And now the objects. This was tricky because some could be glued and some had to be tied to the pages. For the heavier stuff to be tied I punched holes with an awl, careful of where on the other side it came out and then cut off the little mound you get when pushing though the chipboard. I colored in the chipboard surrounding the holes with markers that matched their backgrounds.

I added some images to cover up the waxed linen thread from tying stuff down.

And then came stickers glued down and some were glued over the top to seal it all. Some pages were painted with more and more doodling.

My favorite parts: the teeth. Paper clay baked to speed up the drying and then trimmed to look like little teeth. I glued the cork in both vials so some crafty little kid doesn't get it off and eat them.

This is some irish money I had leftover from a trip.

The books were rebound with embroidery floss and waxed linen. The ends were long enough for a paper bead each.

So Stella knows she has an awesome Aunt Beth.

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