Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm still making treats to send out to a few more family members BUT I am finished with the handmade gift this year.  I made 35 copies of a small book I wrote and illustrated. Since most of them are out in the world and I even uploaded it to Amazon to sell as a kindle book (link forthcoming), I thought I'd post it here. I only have 5 followers so I don't think I'm giving too much away.

by Beth

One sunny morning

I went outside to play,

and was followed by a puppy,

somewhere along the way.

He did not bark or bite,

And he seemed very tame.

How was I to know

That this was just his special game?

He hid behind the bed,

he hid behind the chair,

he jumped up to kiss me

and latched onto my hair.

I ran around the room.

I fought and cried and bit,

puppy finally came off

As I yelled at him to sit.

I went into my room,

As I saw his sad wagging tail,

And I pulled out my gat,

and sent him back to hell.

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