Thursday, May 26, 2011

A hedgehog and Who

I saw this post on and was obsessed:

So I e-stalked the artist and bought the pattern from etsy. It's soo teeny! I dilligently bought the crochet hooks, since mine don't go that small and went to work. Ok I can't do it, I'd have to be using thread to crochet with so I went to the smallest size I could handle and made a couple. This is the newest one.

The first attempt has some problem with ahem... scoliosis so I did not take a picture.

Just started project #2!

It is Doctor Who related but I won't say what it is just yet. It cost me an ami octopus. I heard my neighbors in the back patio next door and went to tell them I would be using power tools for 20 minutes and make sure it wouldn't cause [future] problems and offered an octopus to their kid. The husband does crochet and showed me some stuff much better than the octopus. I think I may have to one up them with a hedgehog.

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