Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun With Yarn

 I taught myself to knit because I've wanted to make a Mythbusters afghan for a long time now. I used a fan art picture because it cartoonized Adam and made it easier to do, this is crochet btw. The knitting didn't work out how I wanted it to. This is also the furthest along in the blanket I've gotten. I probably should have made sure I had a good skin color before starting too. I'm not sure, I think I may try Jamie now since I've got about 7 or 8 partial Adams.

I call this one my stress blanket. It's not finished, there needs to be more cherry blossoms and curly tree.  The blue is knitted with some fuzzy acrylic stuff and the soft super saver yarn. The cherry blossoms are wool and crocheted and then felted in the washer. I sewed them on with some yellow acrylic. It's a stress blanket because I finish school this week and have a lot of crap to do so when I get a break I work on the blanket. I saw a pattern for a knitted bag and ordered it so that I would be motivated to learn some new knitting techniques. They cancelled my order and said they were out of the pattern.  What Might Have Been


  1. I love Adam, I think you’re correct on the skin color it looks like Zombie Adam and he’s saying BRAINS! But the structure of the picture turned out fabulously, can’t wait until you posy Jamie. And you don’t need a pattern to make that “what might have been” your super creative enough by yourself.

  2. Ok that cracked me up, so now I want a Mythbusters blanket AND a zombie Mythbusters blanket.