Monday, March 28, 2011

Too picky?

I needed a new watchband and didn't want to spend $$ so I found some interesting prospects on etsy and even contacted one to see if they could make their leather cuff into a watchband but they wouldn't. I was going to email another seller but started thinking about what it would take to actually make what I wanted, a leather strip with snaps for the watch face and fitted so snaps on the ends instead of a buckle.

I checked out Tandy Leather to see what it would cost, less than $10 but then I'd have to drive there.... and laziness took over. But wait I don't have to actually hand tool some leather, I can find a belt and cut it up and it might even have something I can paint. Yes I actually did that. I stopped by the mall and found something at the Gap for $20. That night I cut it to length, painted it and added the snaps. I misjudged the length so one snap is almost too tight and the other is too loose. I might have to refine the technique.

The watch face is from the Inemployed Philosopher's Guild with Shakespeare and a quote that circles around as a second hand. Watch Link

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