Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The story I am too chicken to use.

Untitled for now, I asked coworkers to come up with the smutty phrases we've been seeing and hearing around the interwebs. I can't bring myself to use this one so I'll be changing the ending.

Silent but deadly,
I snuck out of your room,

And rode my bike to your garden,
To see the flowers bloom.

But down by the roses,
Past a big yellow cat,

I found a big brown box,
Next to our welcome mat.

I cut a hole in the box,
And found lots of things,

Balls and shirts and underwear,
And toys and books and rings.

I pulled out two birds, one cup
And a rocking horse I named “Mom”

So every day
When I go outside to play,
My other ride is your Mom, okay?

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