Monday, May 24, 2010

Zombie Books

I got Pride and Prejudice and Zombies postcards from Amazon a month or two ago and knew they needed to be book covers.

The last 3 were coptic stitch which turns out to be less work than with a spine but the variation is nice. They are all covered with scrapbook paper, then my super-awesome tea dyed fabric. The postcards are trimmed, glued and braded.

The pages were insane but worth it. I used copy paper. Then with acrylic paint and a spray bottle I hit one sheet with water, then wiped with watery paint (venetian red, some green, blue, etc with metallics) and sprayed again. I stacked the wet sides onto a dry sheet and only had to paint the one side. Then I let them dry outside or in if raining. When they were dry I stacked as much as I could under something big and flat. I ironed each sheet on a towel and stacked into piles of 20 then folded in half with a bone folder and each stack was put in a book press for at least 6 hours. Then I cut to size. There are a few sheets of scrapbook paper per signature too.

After everything was bound and dried I mixed some venetian red, alazrian crimson, cad red and a teeny bit of pthalo blue. It took a while mixing to find a good blood color that was more red than brown. I wiped my paint hands on each of the books and let them dry. After I signed and numbered all of them. I have more postcards so I'll definitely be doing more.

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