Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mostly Mean Fairies

I had a birthday coming up and wanted to make something cute for the kid. She likes fairies and stuff like that so I bought a craft box and filled it up with stuff for her.

The box: painted and decoupaged, I glued rhinestones with resin and added feet made from polymer clay. I painted the toenails with nail polish.

The bottles contain: starlight (green glitter), Words (page of text shrunk down), flower pollen (yellow beads), Robin Eggs (paper clay eggs painted blue), Earth (dirt), Pocket watch (teeny watch parts), Buttons (paper clay painted purple), Teeth (more paper clay), Yellow Petals (cut up silk flower), Blue Petals (same as yellow), Fairy Dust (white glitter), Gold and Silver (gold and silver painted teeny piece of a paper towel).

All the cord stoppers are superglued in and all bottles are glued to the inside of the box. I don't want her choking on anything just yet. When one of the stoppers kinda broke off at the glue part I cut the rest off the same so they match and it will be even harder for her to get into the bottles.

The book: Mostly Mean Fairies - I started writing cutesy stuff at first but got bored and it's basically a list of douchebag stuff that people do. I posted to complete list on twitter so friends could give me suggestions but no one did. I'm going to make more so if anyone has suggestions: http://twitter.com/mostlymean

There's a lot of pictures so I put them together in Photostory:

I made the book and since I was making one, why not make 3 more, all the same. I gave two to coworkers with kids and am keeping the last one. I'll probably give it away eventually. The pages are made with scrapbook paper and regular paper. I added vintage pictures and more ephemera. Some pages and the cover were rubbed with a couple of ink pads for age and color.

I kept the books with me for about 3 weeks writing in stuff, adding pictures, words and other stuff. I found the silly names by doing a google search for 'silly names' and found actual names that worked http://web.archive.org/web/20070203122818/http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=13791

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