Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quilts some old, some new...

This is from a couple years ago, I painted the center with acrylic then did some hand embroidery. I sold this one on ebay.

The center is hand-dyed satin stitched, also from a few years ago and sold on ebay.

Painted center, then embroidered, all of the fabric was hand-dyed.

One of the first ones I made, for my nephew who is almost 4. I dyed the fabric then satin stitched the knots, which I made up with graph paper.

A mixed media tree. The fabric was painted then salted (it sucks up the paint in a fractal pattern) and the yarn was sewn on.

Painted and dyed. I think this was one I had at a quilt show.

Painted and dyed.

Painted and dyed, more salt. I love the effect.

Mostly painted.

More quilts tomorrow, or whenever I get around to it....

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